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Welcome to International Capstone Project Exchange, a network of universities and companies that collaborate to give students real-world international experience.

Using the telecommuting concept, teams of capstone students complete projects for industry partners in other countries. The exchange helps universities and companies from around the world connect.

How the Exchange Works

Universities can request to join the International Capstone Project Exchange at Once the university is registered, the faculty facilitator can request to be paired with a university in another country that is working with students in the same or a complementary discipline. That university will find a company to sponsor a project for your students, and you will find a company to sponsor a project for their students. The exchanges, however, are not required to run at the same time. Project timelines are based on each university’s academic calendar. Your responsibility to your university partner is to help them connect with a company in your country. Once that occurs, your role in that exchange is complete. Likewise, once you are connected with a company in another country, your university partner will step away. You and the company will work together to shape the experience.

An Option

Some university partners choose to have teams from both universities work on the same project.

Why Join?

An international capstone exchange helps students round out their education by combining teamwork with application of skills in
an international business setting. It also gives them the opportunity to make make industry contacts and to develop skills that make them more marketable:

  • Working as a team to achieve a goal
  • Communicating in a professional, team-oriented, international setting
  • Understanding the global context of situations
  • Being aware of cultural differences in the workplace
  • Identifying cross-functional roles and relationships
  • Finding innovation solutions to challenges, such as language barriers, time zone issues and technology preferences

Benefits for companies include:

  • Get a small project completed by university students at little or no cost
  • See upcoming graduates in action for recruiting purposes
  • Establish relationships with university contacts
  • Give students real-world experience in preparation for the workforce
  • Gain experience managing international projects

Subject Areas

The exchange is open to any discipline. Current projects are in computer science, mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, biology, environmental management and biological engineering.



Oskar Myberg

System Engineer, Ericsson AB
Linkoping, Sweden

"The capstone program has been an excellent way for us to get implementation teams for explorative projects. The result has been really good, and we've been able to use the results in supporting our work."


Zech Anderson

Software Developer, Microsoft
Fargo, North Dakota
United States

"When I heard that there was a German company as an option, I knew I needed to try to get on their capstone team. It gave all of us on the team a great opportunity to see the differences in how international companies operate. The best part of the experience was being invited to Germany for a two-month internship for the company; I was honored and delighted to do this."


Capstone Student

University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Hannover, Germany

"Working for an international company has been a unique experience; Specifically, the presentation of the results to the stakeholders in the U.S. has been valuable ."



Website is under construction

Inweken: Banana Trifle

As the world continues to become more and more interconnected, it is important that business be able to harness more of its data. Our team is working with Inwerken, an SAP business software consulting company to make an Internet of Things (IoT) solution to easily obtain and display sensor data in the cloud. Our solution for this is to use a TI-SensorTag CC2650 sensor to capture data and send it to a BananaPro microcomputer via Blusnoetooth Low Energy (BLE). The data is then preprocessed on the BananaPro device locally, then pushed to the SAP HANA Cloud via the internet with simple URL calls. Using SAP’s UI5 platform, we have implemented a display dashboard to visualize the data, giving the client greater control and awareness over their product and processes.

Data61: Itinerary Visualization on Australia's National Map

The National Map is a project developed by National Information Communication Technology of Australia (NICTA). Data61, the largest data innovation group in Australia, was formed by merging NICTA and CSIRO. National Map takes data from, an Australian government website, and visualizes it on the map. As of now, National Map does not allow users to create and view routes. Our task was to make an application for tourists to plan trips. We chose to visualize multiple routes on the map so tourists could decide which route from a point A to a point B suited them best. We decided upon different criteria to rate the routes. These criteria include time, distance, and beauty. Each quality criteria are to be visualized on the map in a different way. The user could then decide which route suited them best. We also connected data on points of interest from multiple sources. We pulled pictures from Flickr that would highlight attractions along each route. This will help a user decide which route they found more interesting.

Linkoping SMHI

The project was a web application used to monitor climate data coming from an HPC. We used a php back end with an Angular JS front end. The information displayed includes time stamps of previous 5 updates, time since previous updates (displayed as a dynamic counter), most recent model status (including previous 4 status), and a time series charts to display scalar data. Another feature includes the ability to search and display multiple files. Our project is compatible with a variety of devices including tablet and mobile.


Website is under construction

Past ties with countries

  • Australia
  • Colombia
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • United States of America


Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

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Department of Computer Science
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